The Best Winter Training Bike – Ultimate Set Up

If you’ve spent a small fortune on your much loved carbon road bike the chances are you’re not going to want to take it out in the terrible weather we get every winter. It’ll ruin the drive train so you’ll need a new groupset and there’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful racing machine covered in salt, grim and mud.

So it’s not surprising a lot of people have started creating their own winter bikes set up for the worst the weather can throw at them. Retailers and manufacturers not surprisingly have caught up with this and started producing their owen specialist winter bikes.

So you’ve got two options by an off the shelf winter/audax bike or convert an old frame. Which ever you go for we’ve got some of the best recommended and reviewed products that me and my mates rate really highly.

Tifosi CK7 2011

Pretty much ready to go off the peg it’s aluminium so pretty hard, got room for racks with mud guards and a pretty much rain and snow proof triple sora chainset and groupset. Setting you back just over £750 which seems well worth the money to me.

I’m a big fan of using cross bikes over the winter. Plenty of clearance, plenty of grip and a whole new type of race to compete in. The Jake is one of the cheapest cyclo-cross bikes out there but just as good quality as some of the more expensive options. You can buy it here.

Charge Plug 2010

Another option for the winter is to get a fixed or single speed training bike, a lot of people claim it’ll improve the smooth-ness of your pedal stroke, I do it cause it’s easier to keep running without gears to keep clean! The best of the fixie bikes for the winter is the Charge Plug, which with bull-horns is much more practical as a winter bike than most track bikes.

Or if you’re not getting a whole new frame just converting you’re going to need some full mud-guards, there’s only two options really and everyone has their favourite, personally I’m a fan of the Crud RoadRacer Mk2 Mudguard Set

Which are cheaper and are better for road frames with tight clearance, but some people swear by the SKS Race Blade Clip On Mudguard Set which are a classic choice. You can buy both here.

Powerful Road Bike Lights
And you’ll probably need some lights, these are a great cheap option and these are the money no problem option.

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