Best Turbo Trainer Tyres – Reviews

Well the nights are getting darker, the weather is getting progressively worse which can mean only one thing – the turbo trainer is coming. Whether you’re a regular turbo trainer or buying one for the first time my advice would be to invest some money in a tyre specifically for the turbo trainer. The rolling on a turbo wrecks tyres so you have two options get a specialist tyre (we’ve listed a few of the best below) or the other option is to get yourself the cheapest tyre you can get your hands on and realise it won’t last long. (we’ve also listed a few of them as well.

So what follows below are a few of the best turbo trainer tyres.
Continental Ultrasport Home Trainer Tyre

Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Home Trainer Tyre

Continental Hometrainer Folding Tyre

The Cheapest Option

Vittoria Zaffiro Tyre

So what tyres do you use on your turbo trainer bike? a cheap normal tyre? one of the specialist turbo trainer tyres? Which would you recommend and say is the best?

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